(Pay Per Click)

Pay per click advertising is an Internet advertising model which is used to generate clicks to your website. It is the way of getting more traffic to your website using relevant keywords related to your product or services. It is a paid traffic and an advertiser will pay an amount to the publisher each time the ads get clicked. Pay Per Click or PPC is one of the effective strategies applied in the search engine marketing campaign. If your ad campaign is not well optimized and you are not following PPC best practices, your ROI will be impacted. It is important to spend some time in planning your ad campaign.Google Adwords (PPC) 1

We are not charging more money as others do.you will get reports of campaign as well as best results.We are following steps to make your campaign success.

  1. Goal Setting

  2. Choosing Platform

  1. Plan targeting

    i. Geo-targeting

    ii. Device targeting

  2.  Keyword Research

  3. Write an effective Ad Text

  4. Ad scheduling

  5. Optimize Your Landing Pages

  6. Filter out Negative Keywords

  7. Monitor Competitors

  8. Install Conversion Tracking Code

  9. Use Google Analytics