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If you are looking for SEO to improve your website ranking in Google, here is our detailed SEO process for business growth. Getting top ranking in Google will be impossible unless you follow proper SEO Process. Many companies fail to gain ranking due to wrong strategy and now following process.

In past getting website on first page of Google was easy. Many people used to add keywords and description, copy and modify content and creating of hundreds of backlinks to get top ranking in Google. Now Keyword stuffing and black-hat SEO techniques don’t work at all.We are following white hat seo techniques for better and long term ranking.


We are using latest SEO techniques to get top ranking in Google. Below our latest SEO process which you can use to improve your ranking in Google.After website audit we can follow the below steps.

Step 1: Start with Keyword Research

Our 1st process is keyword analysis of your website and suggest you the best business keywords for your business growth.

Step 2: On Page Optimization

After finalising the keywords we will go to next step that on page optimization.We will fix all the errors within your website like meta tags issues,content writing,sitemap update,robots.txt update,broken links fix,html validation and more.It will help to increase your website performance and speed.

Step 3: Link Building or off-page optimization

After fixing the onpage error we will go to the next step that’s called off page optimization.In that part we fix more things noted below:

  • Creating backlinks daily basis
  • Bookmarking links
  • classfieds link
  • Business local lisitng
  • Profile creation
  • Image sharing
  • Blog posting
  • web2.0 posting
  • Article posting
  • PPT sharing

Step 4: Monitor ranking and keep updating content

SEO is not one-time activity so we are keep updating your content, keep creating new content on regular basis. Also monitor ranking and update your website report to you weekly basis where you can see your website performance.

And last but not least if you get any doubt regarding all the process our support is always for 24/7 to you.

OUR PROFESSIONAL SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SERVICES

  • Increase your traffic through SEO : Businesses are not success with low traffic, poor sales and revenues on their website.some are even on the last of closing because of their site not fully developed so unable to bring the best results for them.It will all change when they come to us for expert advice.
  • Why Choose Our SEO Services : Provide sufficient solutions to achieve huge amount of traffic that will lead to increased conversion.
  • Rise Up Your Website Visits to get High Search Engine Rankings : You don’t need to wait for 5-6 months to see results. With us, you will get your expectation within a short period of time.
  • Our SEO Process :WTapex willfully analysis of meta sets and code to determine how your website are well positioned for SEO.We improve the coding and technical setup that will help for your website visibility.
      (Search Engine Optimization)

Boost Up Your Business Via SMO (Social Media Optimization)​and social media marketing services

At WTapex, our online networking journalists make exceptional substance for various social networking channels and ensure that the substance that they are utilizing, connects upto the estimation of the brand. The substance that we post on channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ helps guests to get a thought regarding the brand, and about item and administrations advertised. We go for making a remarkable notoriety of your image with our substance mastery.

  • once we start Social media optimization of a website we keep our word which we are promised to our client.
  • Weekly 6 days we do posting on social media sites like facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Google+,Instagram and more as per client requirements.
  • We will increase followers,Friends,Likes by posting content.
  • Weekly report will submit to our client where they can check how there social media business pages keep improving as well as business sales.

Steps To improve Your SMO

  • Reputation – We build your reputation as a reliable qualified source
  • Engagement – We encourage more engagement, sharing & reciprocate
  • Authority – become a notable authority in your field of expertise
  • Leadership – harness originality & creativity, be a Thought Leader
  • Social – be social, find and engage sociable experts in your field
  • Media – know your social media platforms to maximize influence
  • Optimization – improve technical aspects to increase optimization
  • Few final lines will share that we will only focus towards our clients business and SMO is one of that field or way you can boost your business.


  • Our every promoting wordings to harden your solid online nearness.
  • We will transform your website into an “accomplished player” to casting your web as a expand an uncountable chart list of your client.
  • We will help you how to change your online character visible and market your items.
  • Our Social media administrations are frequently help out your organization make customers through informal communities.
  • Our Social media tactics will gain your image visible in which most of your Client change the viewpoint for your web promoting.
  • Focused on business portion industry with the most preferable media costs.
  • Make sure that your activities are getting high veritable one of a kind gathering of people and touched direct significant prospects.
  • Coordinated Social media systems and technique will form a network with units of which are crucial for unviewed advertising.

(Pay Per Click)

Pay per click advertising is an Internet advertising model which is used to generate clicks to your website. It is the way of getting more traffic to your website using relevant keywords related to your product or services. It is a paid traffic and an advertiser will pay an amount to the publisher each time the ads get clicked. Pay Per Click or PPC is one of the effective strategies applied in the search engine marketing campaign. If your ad campaign is not well optimized and you are not following PPC best practices, your ROI will be impacted. It is important to spend some time in planning your ad campaign.

We are not charging more money as others do.you will get reports of campaign as well as best results.We are following steps to make your campaign success.

  1. Goal Setting

  2. Choosing Platform

  1. Plan targeting

    i. Geo-targeting

    ii. Device targeting

  2.  Keyword Research

  3. Write an effective Ad Text

  4. Ad scheduling

  5. Optimize Your Landing Pages

  6. Filter out Negative Keywords

  7. Monitor Competitors

  8. Install Conversion Tracking Code

  9. Use Google Analytics

Before start the process like to share few details about what we can do for you

Review, Assessment, And Analysis:

In our first step we will understand client requirement and the various dynamics around the clients existing systems.Then we will analysis and cover all the aspects of clients’ business and their needs especially on how the website is going to be merged with their existing system.Once we discussed all we will fix an amount and proceed to start the work.For starting the work we need few details from clients i.e domain details,hosting details.

Cording with love

WTapex is a leading web development company established in India .Countless Specialization services are available but some are more demandable specialization are creative responsive web design services and imagined website development.WTapex is a faster growing e-commerce web solution provider and technology solutions located in India.WTapex offer costless wide range of solutions on web development and it is the one of the most valuable web development company addressed in India.Important part is we consider high quality responsive web design solutions skills should implement through professional way for websites that not only brings dramatically change business an online market but it take you at a safest place from your competitors. WTapex considered as a one of the best company in the field of web designer in India as well as faster giving web developer.

You have a plan to sell online. You’ve decided what you’re going to sell, you’ve decided to use WooCommerce, and now you need to design your store.

This stage can be difficult. Finding that perfect theme, or even selecting a designer who understands your goals, can eat up time you don’t have. And if you’ve never sold online before, you might feel as if you’re searching for something that just “looks nice,” without having a solid grasp on what’s really important.

So don’t worry we are here to help you out.Our process to make your website professional and eye catchy.

  1. Easily understood navigation

  2. Compatibility with all devices and screen sizes

  3. Quick loading times for every page

  4. Make use of clear, beautiful images

  5. An industry and customer match


A lot of businesses and startups don’t know how great WordPress is, or why they should use WordPress for business, so we are going to tell you why you should use WordPress for your business or startup website.

WordPress is a CMS, or content management system. Unlike closed CMS systems like Shopify or Wix, where you are limited in what you can edit and access, WordPress is an open CMS system where you can edit and access everything!

Regarding our work in WordPress we top company in WordPress developement.Below youcan few points of wordpresssurely like it.

WordPress is cheaper

WordPress is more innovative

WordPress is easier to use

It’s quick to build

It’s responsive!

It integrates with everything

If you can’t integrate it, you can inte-plug it.

Graphic Design is the art of explaining informations and solutions to problems, using visual and text elements.Our dedicated team of innovative Graphic Designers will work directly with you to build up graphics and images, which accurately reflect your business. At WTapex, We believe in delivering quality of web design work to our clients, no matter what is their budget. Our goal is to satisfy and fulfill the requirements of our valued clients to maintain long term business relationship. Graphics should convey the same message which your content already does. Thus, it’s essential to have appropriate graphics on your website, which can help to increase visitor traffic.
From logo design to website design to personalised merchandise design, Designhill can help you get most of your design needs fulfilled. You can check more about the graphic design services available.
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Catalogue Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Flash Web Design
  • Brochure Design

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